Have an exciting and affordable wedding

Wedding Party InvitationsA wedding is often a milestone in one’s life and even a greater achievement for an engaged couple whose love has withstood good and bad tidings. Nowadays weddings are more elaborate and detailed and of course more costly. Some might argue a wedding is a once in a life time event hence one shouldn’t mind spending as much as is required however there is more to it than just a big budget. You can easily organize an affordable wedding by just sending a few inexpensive bridal shower invites and lingerie shower invitations to family and friends. Here are some helpful tips that will enable you have a wonderful and exciting wedding without having to burn a hole through your pockets.

1. Take advantage of off peak seasons – Popular wedding destinations for example those strategically placed by the beautiful blue sea or those overlooking a majestic landmark, have high steady demand during the wedding season at that particular time of the year. Just like hotels, venue booking rates vary according to demand. You can set a date during an off peak season to avoid paying premium costs for the venue.

2. Plan your guest list in good time for proper budgeting – Are you planning an open invite wedding or an invite only wedding? The number of expected guests determines the size of catering required as well as seats, tables and wedding invitations to be printed. Planning ahead of time ensures you have enough time to look around among different caterers and service providers in order to negotiate prices.

3. Choose a naturally eye catching venue to save on flowers and ribbons – One of the reasons couples choose outdoor weddings is to enjoy the wonderful aesthetic outdoor experience. Choosing to exchange vows in a colorful and spacious outdoor venue means you will minimize expenses on flowers. A botanical garden is a perfect example of where one can hold the exchanging of vows since the colorful and wide array of flowers serve as an eye catching background.

4. Get innovative with your wedding clothes – If your preference is not towards the traditional black tuxedo and white flowing wedding gown, you have the freedom to choose unique designs for your special day. Some couples have donned costumes of their favorite T.V characters from various programs and to some extent cartoon characters. The advantage is that the clothes will be more affordable plus you can keep them for future anniversaries unlike rented gowns and tuxedos.

5. Hire an affordable DJ – Good romantic and celebratory music are a must for your wedding day. It is what keeps the guests lively and captures the positive bubbly energy around the newly weds and all those in attendance. A significant number of engaged couples would prefer their favorite band play at their wedding to a regular disc jockey. The advantage of having a DJ compared to a live band is more affordable music for a longer period. Musicians charge their rates higher than DJ’s hence it is more rational to have an experienced DJ for he big day. An alternative is to get your church choir or church based band to perform for a reasonable amount of money.